Red, Yellow or Blue?


What would you take with you if your house was on fire? What is important? What can be replaced? What are you attached to, and why?
The red dot is for things that you would definitely want to save in an emergency. The yellow dot is for things that are of limited importance and would only be saved if there were enough time. The blue dot is for things that you wouldn’t mind leaving behind.

Carlos, 4, Managua Clara, 33, Berlin – Ecuador Danny, 36, Leonberg
Filo, 19, Stuttgart Frauke, 42 & Elisabeth, 12 Funny, 14, Wolfschlugen
Virginia, 39, Managua Iwona, 22, Reading Joachim, 52, Stuttgart
Julian, 34, Stuttgart Matti, 25, Hamburg Marius, 19, Karlsruhe
Max, 22, Mannheim Olivia, 19, Stuttgart-Managua Reinhardt, 48, Ostfildern
Sandra, 30, Managua Sebastian, 35, Fellbach Steve, 62, Stuttgart